As a very injury prone family we have seen our fair share of Mickey Mouse “physios”,but Leighton is very professional in what he does and gets us back on our feet with a touch of humour, we highly recommend him.

Ifan and family/Llandysul Feb 2013

Found Leighton completely by accident and I have to say, I was very lucky. Like so many others tried other physios and the NHS (proved to be the worst). Leighton explained the problems and the way to work on the problem in simple English. How important that is to any patient! thanks to him my hip is well on the way to recovery and my arthritis of the knee with management, I can live with. I am jogging again and although not yet ready will hope to run in the Venice marathon in October. Thanks Leighton!

Andrew/Cardigan Jan 2013

Having put up with lower back pain for years and treating the nagging ache with paracetamol and a hot wheat-bag, I finally incapacitated myself laying paving stones in the garden. This time it was serious, I couldn’t stand or walk and had to be carried into the house and laid out flat. After three days of very slow recovery my wife suggested that I had better ring Leighton and ask for his help since her treatment by him had been successful a year earlier.

 Leighton carried out an examination and diagnosed years of neglect of my core muscles and reduced mobility in my left hip joint – almost certainly from bad posture slouched working at the pixel-face for 12 hours a day! Following regular weekly, then fortnightly, sessions of manipulation together with daily exercises involving an exercise ball I now have good mobility in both my hip joints and a pain-free back. Now that I know what exercises I need to do to maintain my back in good condition, I hope never again to end up laid out in pain after incautiously bending to pick something up.


I highly recommend this physiotherapist. I came in desperation after other physio failed to help my condition or even properly diagnose the problem, as his website said he specialised in difficult neck & spinal conditions. He has exceeded all my expectations.

At the first consultation, I was thoroughly examined and given an immediate proper diagnosis clearly explained to me. I was promised that we would not continue with treatment past 4 weeks if there was no significant improvement. I have now been treated for a few months and have made steady progress throughout. I am now more than halfway recovered from when I first went to him, and am still continuing to improve.

I consider Leighton to be one of the best in his field, and have found him so knowledgeable that he has been able to help me significantly even when others have failed.

Linda / Tenby

After having acupuncture and exercises from the hospital which did not help at all, I was disillusioned with physiotherapists but when one of my daughters was treated by Leighton successfully I thought I would give him a go. His hands on approach had a remarkable effect and I cannot speak highly enough about him.

Anon / Carmarthen

I was on the waiting list for a total hip replacement and went to see Leighton to see if he could help me manage my pain. After his treatment and exercise program I now no longer need an operation as I hardly have any pain when walking now

Mrs E Thomas / Llanishen

Very good physio, helped my pain a lot

Mohammad Khan / Cardiff

Cannot recommend him highly enough, professional and knows what he is talking about, with his complete assessment he spotted the actually cause of the problem, something that my GP and other physios had missed in the past.

Evan Jones / Llandysul

Talked a lot of sense and helped me recover quickly, although I don’t want to see him again I have his number on speed dial in case I do have a problem in the future.

Thomas Whiting / Carmarthen

Brilliant! Best physio I have seen and I have seen a few! Understood how much I wanted to keep running and got me back as quick as possible

Emma Thompson / Cardiff Bay

I had a painful neck with headaches for years, I had been seen by my GP and been given drugs, seen various physios, chiropractors and osteopaths over the years with very little benefit. I have had less pain and headaches after four sessions with Leighton than with all the others combined

Mr I James / Rhiwbina

I was recommended to Leighton by a friend who had been successfully treated by him previously. He helped reduce my level of pain dramatically and I will be recommending him to my friends

Mrs R Davies / Llandeilo