As it is often easy to forget the exact exercise that you were prescribed by your physiotherapist we have listed some of the more common exercises taught and used by our patients, this list is by no means exhaustive.

This list is to help you recall what the physiotherapist taught you. You may have been shown variations on each of these exercises by your physiotherapist depending on your condition and it is those that you need to follow rather than the more generic instructions in these videos.

Please do not attempt these exercises unless you have been taught them by a physiotherapist as although they are suitable for most of our patients there are some conditions that they may aggravate if not performed correctly.

Lower limb

Upper limb

Spine and stability

The exercises demonstrated below are for information only.  Although the exercises here are suitable for most of our patients, they have undergone a full examination and will only be prescribed these exercises if they will help their recovery.  In some cases these examples may not help or if performed incorrectly could make your condition worse. Do not attempt these exercises unless they have been prescribed for you.