Patient Info

Patient Info

At Platinum Physiotherapy we believe that the partnership between patient and physiotherapist works to its full potential only when the patient is fully informed of what is happening and why.

This information will be received through a full and frank discussion with your physiotherapist during your assessment and subsequent treatment sessions.

This area of the website is designed to augment the advice provided by your physiotherapist and also provide some basic information for those prospective clients who are just browsing.

In order to help you find the relevant information the area has been divided into sections:


New Patients: A brief description of how to prepare and what to expect from your initial assessment with Platinum Physiotherapy.


Treatments used: A brief description of some of the methods used by our physiotherapists to facilitate your rehabilitation and recovery. The treatments used by your physiotherapist will be selected after a complete assessment and discussion with you regarding your individual requirements.


Conditions treated: A brief description of some of the many conditions that physiotherapy can be helpful in treating. They have been arranged in sections around which part of the body is affected. They are not intended to be used as a tool for self diagnosis, as a complete assessment is needed to verify the condition.


Sports specific injuries: A list of various sports and the type of injuries often associated with them. They are not intended to be used as a tool for self diagnosis as a complete assessment is needed to verify the condition.


Exercises: Short videos and written descriptions showing some of the many exercises that can be taught by your physiotherapist to aid your recovery. These are intended to be used by patients who have been shown these exercises by their physiotherapist. If done incorrectly or if attempting exercises that have not been taught by your physiotherapist you may aggravate your condition.


FAQs: Frequently asked questions that we get asked at Platinum Physiotherapy. If the question you need answering is not here, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Articles of interest:  A section which we will regularly be updating, with information that would not fit into other sections, with articles being divided into five categories, getting well, staying well, exercise and health, general articles and patient suggested articles.