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Stephen Rhodes

Having put up with lower back pain for years and treating the nagging ache with paracetamol and a hot wheat-bag, I finally incapacitated myself laying paving stones in the garden. This time it was serious, I couldn’t stand or walk and had to be carried into the house and laid out flat. After three days of very slow recovery my wife suggested that I had better ring Leighton and ask for his help since her treatment by him had been successful a year earlier.
Leighton carried out an examination and diagnosed years of neglect of my core muscles and reduced mobility in my left hip joint – almost certainly from bad posture slouched working at the pixel-face for 12 hours a day! Following regular weekly, then fortnightly, sessions of manipulation together with daily exercises involving an exercise ball I now have good mobility in both my hip joints and a pain-free back. Now that I know what exercises I need to do to maintain my back in good condition, I hope never again to end up laid out in pain after incautiously bending to pick something up.

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